• The shortest path from disengaged students to ignited learners isn't a multi-year plan, but an Academic Engagement™ Intervention. Once students want to learn from adults instead of each other, the Education Equation is more than half-solved.  
  • Engagement. Breakthrough. Character Change®. Quickly unlock superpowers hidden within company and agency team members with a multidimensional keynote or retention workshop.
  • Discovering the 4 Habits of Homelessness in 1995 was just the beginning. Today, Hero School delivers engineered solutions through real-time consulting and strategic initiatives that reverse and prevent homelessness, dependency and behavioral problems upstream so the people we help today become the heroes helping their own communities tomorrow.
  • You deserve them. Whether your leaders, staff, team or students need a booster shot, or your business, agency, school or district need a lasting breakthrough, our heroes are ready to assemble for you.
  • 2018 HERO School Golf Tournament Highlights!  

Character. Change.

Hero School is a unique “Human First” philosophy and transformational model that reaches, engages and ignites meaning, personal responsibility and vertical learning among all attendees.

Hero School participants and partners experience real, live, change – at the Speed of Movies.

Pioneering Modern Heroism and Character Change since 1995.

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