Vegas Breakthrough

Homelessness Breakthrough Academy 

July 13th, 2019 – CARE Complex

200 Foremaster Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89101

(Between Main Street and Las Vegas Blvd. North, Downtown)

RSVP to (702) 795-7000

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FREE with RSVP for
  Homeless ~ Houseless – Hopeless 

Hero School flier July 2019 – Care 1 SM

Las Vegas Breakthrough Experience

Get a new map for success, plus breakfast, lunch, fresh clothes, a bus pass,  job connections and free Speedy ID Service*

RSVP to (702)795-7000 or by Contact Form

Cosponsored by Care Complex, Aristocrat Gaming, Fortis Commercial Advisors, Las Vegas Faith Center, and a host of Entrepreneur Partners and Community Leaders

“That’s right, in 2009 I was homeless and living at Catholic Charities sitting in Hero School. Since then I completed my associates at CSN and now attend UNLV. I have also started my own business. Thanks for being apart of my life and influencing it for the better. The transformation to heroism began with you. Thank you.”                                                                        – Nick O., UNLV

Does someone you’ve met need a Breakthrough?

July 13th, 2019

“Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change.”                                                                        – Jim Rohn

  • Are gaps in education and work history leaving them further behind?
  • Do they need help earning what they want, and living like they must?
  • Do they struggle with dependency, on people, services, substances?
  • Are they stuck in endless cycles of Repeated History with jobs, jail and relationships?
  • Do you want them empowered and moving forward on their own, really fast?
  • Do they need a Magical and Lasting Heroic Experience?
  • Do YOU?

Then HERO SCHOOL is for them. Maybe you, too.*

*Homeless attend FREE with Tuition Scholarship and RSVP*

~Adults and Teens 16 and older – no children or pets inside the classroom

This unique Hero School Academy delivers a strategic series of sessions:

  •  7 Steps to the Job You Want™ Workshop
  • Multidimensional Money Strategies
  • Employment to Entrepreneurship Map
  • Bus Pass and Backpack Raffle
  • Accelerated Birth Certificate and ID Service
  • Fresh Clothes and Educational Resources
  • Resume Gap and Interview Assistance
  • Computer Course Scholarships
  • Barrier Removal Question & Answer Session
  • Interview Workshop with Business Leaders
  • Many More Opportunities and Rewards
  • RSVP to (702) 795-7000 or send Form below
  • Speedy ID recovery service is free for first 20 homeless attendees 

“After going to two job fairs and not getting anything since the start of the new year, I did (what you taught). I got to sit down and interview with the President of the company, meet the General Manager – and I was in. 18 of the 400 that applied were picked. At this moment, I am cross training after just one day, to work anywhere in the company. All you get points for this one. Made sure to pass along the information about Hero School and how I heard about the positions. I am grateful.                                   – Bonnie D., North Las Vegas, NV


SATURDAY, July 13th: CARE Complex – 200 Foremaster Lane, Main Building
9:15am – 9:55am : Refreshments in Courtyard, Sign-in and Seating

10:00am – 12:00p : Hero School® MOVIE FORMULA Experience with author Tiger Todd, Kymm “Possible” Buckner and LaQuan Phillips

12:00pm – 12:45pm : Lunch provided by Local Restaurant

12:45pm – 3:00pm : Money, Career, Entrepreneur and Relationship Strategies w/LaQuan Phillips, Mark Chamberlain and Tiger Todd

3:00pm – 4:00pm : Question and Answer Session,  Fresh Clothes, Raffle Prizes,  Scholarships*, Further Education & Career Connections

MONDAY, TBD: CARE Complex – 200 Foremaster Lane, Main Building
1:00pm – 3:00pm : Experts Q&A, Income & Legal Answers plus Bonus Resources

TUESDAY, TBD: CARE Complex – 200 Foremaster Lane, Main Building
1:00pm – 3:00pm : Ramp-Up to Meaningful Employment with Top Business Owners

WEDNESDAY, TBD: CARE Complex – 200 Foremaster Lane, Main Building
1:00pm – 3:00pm : Create a Winning Resume workshop with Aristocrat Gaming

THURSDAY, TBD: Department of Motor Vehicles
1:00pm – 3:00pm : Speedy ID Service – Birth Certificate and Local IDs

FRIDAY, TBD: CARE Complex – 200 Foremaster Lane, Main Building
10:00am – 3:00pm : Next Steps for Advancement

RSVP to (702) 795-7000 or send Form below

In every Movie, the Hero must overcome obstacles on the way to their goal. And learn how to overcome the inner issues that keeps tripping them up. And accomplish the impossible. 

All in just a few hours.

Hero School® uses the same mathematical formulas from the Movies to Engage, Educate and Empower rapid and lasting change. 

Tuition Sponsors  can help more struggling adults and youth do the same. 

Real. Life. Change. In hours and days instead of years and decades.


 “This note is way overdue. I want to thank you for what you do and how you inspire others to look outside of their world and into the world of the Super Hero within themselves. I had hoped by sending Jonathan he might feel some inspiration to take action – and he has! We have had some very authentic conversations and I feel like he is on the road to becoming the amazing person I’ve always known was there. P— and I are excited to see where he goes next. Thank you again. I feel like I have my kid back:)” – Alicia P., Executive 

Hero School® Academy

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* 100% Academy Scholarships available with RSVP for those chronically unemployed /no income / no shelter / not in a program – includes full Experience and Academy Clothing/Speedy ID as funds allow


“You probably don’t remember me from the St. Vincent shelter in Las Vegas back in 2009. I moved to Seattle with only $60 to my name. I am no longer homeless. I got a job at the Home Depot, I have my own one bedroom apartment, I have a 401k again, I got my teeth fixed (now I have a full set again), I have a checking account and two saving accounts. I may not be rich but life is good. Thank you – your advice it didn’t fall on empty ears.”

– Bill K., Seattle, WAHero School Academy 2015


Sponsor tuition or a portion for a struggling youth or adult.

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Hero School flier July 2019 – Care 1 SM**VALUE: Compare as “Tony Robbins”- style multi-day experience

Full Hero School® Academy Scholarship:  – Includes speakers, experts, experience, IP licensing, breakfast, lunches,  fresh clothes, educational materials, raffle entries, bus passes, SUIT-Up™ Suiting and Coaching and Speedy ID Service

Hero School non-profit Academies are Co-Sponsored by:

 Fortis Commercial Advisors ~   ~  Las Vegas Faith Center ~ T-Bird Restaurant & Lounge ~ Strip N Dip Chicken ~ Weichert Realty Millennium  ~ Aristocrat Technologies ~ Heroes Incorporated

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“I just got out of your class and I have to say, it was amazing! Damn, I’ve learned today that I’m f—-d up and a bunch of ya reading this are to! Lol, but nothin’ is wrong with that ‘cause it’s not to late to CHANGE! We turn into the things we learn so we need to learn to CHANGE into new things! More positive things! We often view the world the way WE are! There change needed in all of us! #BELIEVE THAT!!!! You gone learn today! And if not today then tomorrow! BUT YOU WILL LEARN!!!!!!”

– Brandon G., Los Angeles, CA


Hero School Eagle Quest kids Suit Center with Kymm

Hero School Golden Hand Team 2014

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