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Larson Training + Hero School® = HEROIC CHANGE

Saturday, August 23, 2014, 10:am-4:00pm

The Learning Village, 727 Fremont St., T-6

Ready to Get Back In The Game?

How about a Second Chance ?

Get out the heat and change your luck, fast.

“You probably don’t remember me from the St. Vincent shelter in Las Vegas back in 2009. I moved to Seattle with only $60 to my name. I am no longer homeless. I got a job at the Home Depot, I have my own one bedroom apartment, I have a 401k again, I got my teeth fixed (now I have a full set again), I have a checking account and two saving accounts. I may not be rich but life is good. Thank you – your advice it didn’t fall on empty ears.” – Bill K., Seattle, WA

This unique Single Day Hero School Academy includes the 7 Steps to the Job You Want afternoon session and money strategies, plus a Q&A, bus pass and backpack raffle, fresh clothes and Larson Career Education scholarship opportunity.*

*FREE with RSVP for hopeless, homeless and  jobless who want things to change, fast.

Saturday, August 23, 2014, 10:am-4:00pm

The Learning Village, 727 Fremont St., T-6

Refreshments, Lunch, Fresh Clothes, Learning Materials and Raffle

FREE for first 60 qualifying attendees with RSVP before 8-20-14

$299 for Partner Agency Clients – $499 for Partner Agency Staff 

RSVP to (702) 795-7000 or ARRIVE BY by 9:30am Saturday Morning

Sponsored by

Larson Training

“After going to two job fairs and not getting anything since the start of the new year, I did (what you taught). I got to sit down and interview with the President of the company, meet the General Manager – and I was in. 18 of the 400 that applied were picked. At this moment, I am cross training after just one day, to work anywhere in the company. All you get points for this one. Made sure to pass along the information about Hero School and how I heard about the positions. I am grateful.” – Bonnie D., North Las Vegas, NV


9:15am – 9:55am : Refreshments, Sign-in and Seating

10:00am – 12:00p : Hero School MOVIE FORMULA Experience with author Tiger Todd

12:00pm – 12:45pm : Lunch provided by Strip N Dip

12:45pm – 3:00pm : REAL WORLD Money, Career, Entrepreneur and Relationship Strategies

3:00pm – 4:00pm : Question and Answer Session,  EDU & CAREER Connections, Raffle and Scholarships*

*100% Scholarships available for unemployed and/or homeless (Reg. Seminar Package: $999)

**Includes FREE fresh clothes and educational resources – Raffle includes Bus Passes, Backpacks and More

More Information? RSVP: 702.795.7000  

“I just got out of your class and I have to say, it was amazing! Damn, I’ve learned today that I’m f—-d up and a bunch of ya reading this are to! Lol, but nothin’ is wrong with that ‘cause it’s not to late to CHANGE! We turn into the things we learn so we need to learn to CHANGE into new things! More positive things! We often view the world the way WE are! There change needed in all of us! #BELIEVE THAT!!!! You gone learn today! And if not today then tomorrow! BUT YOU WILL LEARN!!!!!!” – Brandon G., Los Angeles, CA


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