The Democratization of Education


Startups are a beautiful thing.

Not just beautiful.

Glorious, in fact.

For the entrepreneurial social activist, the thirst for education is never satisfied, and we’re always looking for new mediums for learning and growing.

Skillshare delivers just that.

Not only does it give you access to cheap, niche expert education, but it allows you to teach the community what you know, too.

You build culture, connections, and learn all at the same time.


When you create a profile, you’re able to sign up to take classes or teach classes.

Here are 9 other sites that give you access to free learning.

1. Khan Academy


3. GCF Learning

4. iTunes U

5. Open Yale

6. Stanford Mini Med School

7. Open Culture

8. Academic Earth

9. P2Pu

Go & learn. For free.


About the author:

Cher is a director at the nonprofit Hero School. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship. Sometimes, she thinks about saving the world, and other times, she wants to rollerblade.

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    Democratization of Education

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