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“Tiger Todd has been instrumental in sending the message that education is important to our students. His enthusiasm and quick sense of humor have always kept our students engaged…His motivational message is always right on target, no matter the audience…”‘            – Dr. Walt Rulfes, Superintendent, Clark County School District

The Hero School Academic Engagement Model quickly identifies and supplies what’s missing in Public Education, freeing educators to do what they do best. 18 years of active research with unparalleled results indicates it’s not the kids, and it’s not the teachers, and it’s not the parents. The root of the problem is that the last generation of kids’ outer, or social selves, have changed faster than their inner, or character selves, and our education system was designed for scaffolded knowledge-building, not real-time “selves” alignment. Hero School was designed precisely to address what conventional schools cannot do yet must be done to restore respect for parents, for learning, and most of all, for educators.

With few exceptions, today’s adolescent is a combination of complex fractions, with more potential than youth in any generation before, yet incomplete and farther from being a whole, individuated person. With endless distractions competing for their attention, more fractions are created inside each young person instead of the essential elements for growth and completion, as well as for graduating competent, productive, responsible and motivated young adults.

Unless and until these most important inner fractions are ignited, motivated and accelerated to grow at the same rate as youth are growing socially and chronologically, even the best programs, curricula and strategies will roll right off or miss their target completely. We will be left with even more adolescents who believe they deserve adult lifestyles, respect and responsibilities and yet, who are stuck in elementary school on the inside.

As the phrase goes, “They don’t know what they don’t know.” And they won’t know unless delivered to them in the midst of a large social group, where non-verbal “evoked” responses actually alter the beliefs that allow for changed mindsets. This is how the Hero School Academic Engagement intervention – a “human and hero” awareness assembly – inspires entire gyms of teens to seek out the only ones who can “complete” them, complete people: their teachers, coaches and business change agents. Hero School assemblies often bridge this gap in about an hour, a gap that could extend for years without it.



When used together with student-centered educators and human-centered outcomes, Hero School Academic Engagement interventions have been shown to ignite academic engagement and motivate lifelong learning – in hours instead of years. Even among the worst performers and behavioral students, increases in attendance and standardized test results – often more than 30% – occur in a matter of days and weeks, against historical decreases of up to 22% each year without a Hero School Intervention. That’s Change. That’s fast. And it’s uniquely Hero School.

“In this oh-so-modern life, we have deep-seated desire to quantify the world around us so that we can understand it and control it. But the world isn’t behaving.”

Roger Martin, Harvard Business Review 1/11/10

How would you like to re-write the Education Sentence for your kids?

“Man is born to live, not to prepare to live.”

Boris Pasternak (1890-1960)

How did we find out what was missing in the education of American youth? We asked one overlooked, yet essential question:

What do today’s young people need to hear to become who they need to be?”

Tiger and Florida Teens

Students today don’t need any more adults telling them “how it is,” particularly from the perspective of “how it was.” They need inspiring role models showing kids “why” learning is the foundation to a life of success. Just like you and I did.

Hero School Academic Engagement Interventions quickly instill in and remind today’s youth of the need to learn from teachers, coaches and experts – authentic leaders – not just television, their music or each other.

Bringing the Hero School Model to your schools is like setting a pre-constructed bridge over the Learning Abyss, one that fits perfectly between struggling young people and the heroic teachers with the courage and talent to teach them. Once in place, teens whose lives now feel relevant and validated are ready and willing to be inspired to learn from their teachers, to embrace life’s lessons and to act-on their strategies, the tools that will help them find their path while integrating their inner and outer lives.

Hero School Super Kids 2013

Hero School® is that unique communication vehicle that quickly, seamlessly, and painlessly connects the inner needs and paths of today’s young people with the essential lessons taught by today’s educators, employers, experts and movies.

The Hero School® Model further optimizes the relationships between students and the unique role educators, employers and experts play in their lives and within the Education Equation, within their community and even within the “Hero Movie” that will become their future life.

Heroes Inc. delivers collaborative Hero School® interventions, programs and consulting services that rapidly motivate continual learning and character development within and among students, while simultaneously motivating respect for and empowerment among educators and administrators.

 Data Driven? The Research would indicate that the more data we put in charge of people, the worse our people turn out.

“Indulge your passion for science, says [Nature], but let your science be human, and such as may have a direct reference to action and society…Be a philosopher; but amidst all your philosophy, be still a man.”

David Hume, Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, 1748

Hero School is a “Human Lead” and “Data Supported” Model. Let’s face facts. As we gained more scientific research on human education and human behavior than at any time in history, student engagement, retention, and graduation rates began dropping faster than at any time in history.

“So let me see if I understand correctly: since relying more on “data” in public education, our public education system has become worse still?”

That is what the “data” would suggest.

Perhaps the problem nor the solution is more “Data.”

Maybe what’s missing is something more fully human.

Truth is what works.” – William James

Empower Teachers and Students, not Research and Data.

We’re supposed to be raising kids, not just scores.

Hero School® human-centered research indicates it’s not the data, but rather, serving the data that has derailed so many school districts from the mission of raising academically-engaged, self-reliant and socially-personally young adults from today’s children. This learned behavior has been increasing since first discovered in our first school over 15 years ago.

We are, after all, humans – not things.

Who taught us to put data first, to replace human leadership with that of an inanimate object? Hero School believes that scientific research and technological advances should serve humanity – and teachers – not the other way around.

Hero School® “Circle of Life” presentations and workshops quickly re-align the “subject” and the “predicate” of the Human Education sentence by helping students, teachers and parents:

  • Discover and Ignite the hidden treasures lying dormant inside them
  • Embrace and Integrate the many disparate parts of their “selves,” circumstances and environment
  • Declare a Destination and accelerate their inner and outer journeys so they become who they want to be, need to be and must be


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