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Sustainable People

“The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer.” – Fridtjof Nansen, Nobel Peace Prize (1922)

Many Cities, Companies and Communities struggle to create sustainable cultures because they fail to first create sustainable people. Heroes Incorporated develops, orchestrates and delivers Character Change® initiatives with leading executives, employers and educators that ignite sustainable thinking upstream, exponentially increasing positive learning, self-aligning behavior and sustainable culture for

  • Public Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Start-Ups, Agencies and Small Businesses
  • Financial Firms, Hotels and Healthcare

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Lasting Motivational Change

“We brought you in to plant a seed. You gave us a garden.”  – Marie, Hilton Grand Vacations

Motive. What moves your people? As leaders everywhere are reporting, there seem to be as many answers to this question as there are employees and managers to keep engaged, ignited and moving. We must face that the world has changed. And with it, the results we once achieved with tried-and-true speakers and trainers, programs and profiles and incentives and bonuses – even if just a few years ago – now only create a few hours or days of increased motivation, enthusiasm and production.

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As quickly as it began, it all fades away. Or worse. New research echoed by today’s business gurus – from Dan Pink to Simon Sinek to Dr. Carol Dwek – indicate that your people may become still more dependent, requiring still more of the same interventions just to achieve the same level of performance they did before. Dang.

To use Simon Sinek’s approach, shouldn’t we, “Start With Why?

The answer is that people have changed, too, and the techniques and strategies that worked with 1996 and 2006 team members no longer work on the 2016 models. Tragically for today’s burdened business leaders, your most recent employees aren’t changing in the same direction as your company, agency or university’s mission.

But what if the change could occur upstream, not just in the training or orientation path, but inside the person?

The change today’s businesses need in order to connect with, engage and ignite true mission-minded motivation must motivate outer actions today as well as unlock and remove the barriers to intrinsic motivation tomorrow and beyond. And if embedded in this magical motivational process was also a framework that ensured motivation would be reinforced – not eroded further – after your people leave the building?

Enter the magic of Hero School®. Now for Business.


Even Heroes need Heroes

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

The Heroes Incorporated team delivers quick interventions, reinforcement strategies and “whole movie” designs that engage and motivate your people to greater action today and keep them moving in alignment with your mission and corporate goals tomorrow and until completion.

Heroes Incorporated builds each project upon a foundation of Tiger Todd‘s 4 Laws of Entrepreneurship and the Hero School® Movie Model, which embeds character-led values within intrinsic motivational keys so every character has a role to step into, embrace and master.

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Real-Time Problem Solvers

“Tiger, watching you in action was the highlight of my weekend. Month. Year. All of the above. Something magical happened that I can’t quite put a description on yet… at its core, a much-needed reinforcement that I’m living my purpose in the world and to keep my focus on the behaviors necessary to sustain who I want to be and the work I want to do. Thank you!!!”  – Alexia Vernon, Professor, Coach and Author

If your business is still Repeating History in staff and service areas, it may be the right things are being performed in the wrong way…or by the wrong people.

Like “deja vu,” many businesses experience the same nagging problems year after year. New employees are hired, new consultants are retained, and still, your organization struggles with the same sales challenges, departmental disconnect and lack of staff motivation.

Even if your consultants and employees are experts in their respective fields, the problem of “Repeating History” needs a different kind of problem solver – along with a different kind of leadership. Not all forms of leadership – and Real-Time Problem Solving  –  can be taught through today’s colleges and universities.

Entrepreneurs know that the Transformational Leaders who founded our colleges and universities and industries…didn’t graduate from them. Sometimes you need a Unique Leader to achieve a Unique Outcome. 

“Extraordinary individuals don’t scale. Only their songs do.” – Tiger Todd, Heroes Incorporated

Try replacing Bono or Mick and see how quickly U2  and The Rolling Stones become cover bands.


Transformational Leader Development

When change is required, true change leaders are required.

Heroes Inc. offers more than just organizational growth strategies, staff development programs and skills training. We reignite true leadership from the inside out. With everyone. In Real Time.

Heroes Inc. is a certified provider of Hero School® :

  • Transformational Leadership Education
  • Motivational Consulting Services
  • Accelerated Learning Solutions

The Heroes Inc. team of expert facilitators, educators, motivators, researchers and consultants will work with your heroes to troubleshoot, diagnose, and deliver strategies and solutions, virtually guaranteeing you won’t be wasting valuable time and resources on the same issues next year.

 “People and organizations continue to repeat history because they continue to bring the same ‘character’ from their last ‘movie’ into the next one – the character must change.” -Tiger Todd

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How Do Hero School® Solutions Work?

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

We start by inspiring staff to Want To.

A Carnegie Center research study concluded that only 15% of a person’s success in the business world is based on skill proficiency. The study went on to say that the other 85% of corporate success was a combination of attitude and human communication ability. Successful client and inter-office relatability, for example, will make or break an organization’s sales forecasts, profitability, and in challenging economic times, its very existence. So while standardized trainings are important to maintaing product and service quality, creating organizational and individual change demands something more.

Heroes Incorporated assists businesses, schools, and community organizations by motivating engagement, retention, and goal achievement by combining the Hero School® model with a unique formula of strategic consulting, motivational presentations and purpose maximization programming.

Hero School® Awareness and Motivational Strategies are fast, able to ignite leadership and communication change with your team members in less than an hour. How valuable will this be to your organization? Utilizing Hero School® presentations and programs to quickly connect your staff with both your organization’s leadership and its clients will empower your company to drive tangible change now and for years to come.

Contact us today for options that can help your company and people be who they can be.

What Makes Hero School® for Business Different?

The Hero School® Model uses principles in motion picture, history, mythology, pop culture, and literature that your audience can connect with and will relate to. Each attendee has a much higher probability of “buying in” to the essence of the program because of their connection to the characters in these creative works.

Hero School® began as an effective model for producing significant motivational, character, and financial change with tens of thousands of formerly-homeless men and women, as well as with hundreds of thousands of teens. The curriculum was later adopted to myriad groups as a model for motivating human change, regardless of status or circumstances. As an antidote for specific social ills, including the lack of motivation and the lack of respect shown to adults by so many young people, Hero School® is unmatched, motivating both students and teachers, employees and managers, and accountants and engineers, by helping them to bridge chasms and develop their own unique roles in the movies that are their lives.

Today, the Hero School® team of gifted contributors and experts – including business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, human resource managers, physicians, educators, administrators, writers, sociologists, psychologists, and student leaders – continue to enhance the curriculum, adapting it to every category of business, social group, and civic organization where human change and professional development are paramount. Contact us today and let us know about the obstacles separating you and your organization from the success you deserve.

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