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Homelessness Reversal and Prevention


Cities, agencies, not-for-profit organizations and the people they serve benefit greatly from Hero School® philosophy, technology and curriculum.

LVFC dba Hero School Initiatives became the first 501 (C) 3 not-for-profit licensee of the Hero School® Academic Engagement model and Character Change® curriculum in the U.S. and continues as one of a handful of leading-edge problem-solving charities today, preventing and reversing homelessness in Nevada.

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


The Mission of Hero School Initiatives is to orchestrate strengths, expertise and resources of non-profit organizations, schools and businesses and then deliver uniquely effective initiatives and interventions that quickly solve recurring social and education problems for the people, businesses and organizations in our neighborhoods and community.


ORIGIN STORY: Hero School Initiatives was established by a collaboration of solution-minded entrepreneur leaders concerned by increases in homelessness, chronic unemployment, academic disengagement and dropout rates in Southern Nevada. Seeing that the donations they were making to existing non-profit organizations were providing helpful services but no lasting solutions to complex human problems, the founders of LVFC created a transformational leadership and Character Change® model that directly empowered lasting change with even the most challenged and challenging groups. Furthermore, by empowering sheltering organizations, schools and communities, they could prevent social problems before they took root.

Showing up on a winter day in 1995 to a “homeless” park in Las Vegas, LVFC co-founder Tiger Todd interrupted the pattern of the homeless lined up for food as well as the pattern of the non-profit organization he was funding. He quickly orchestrated the first Hero School Initiative, empowering “change” among the first 1854 homeless people by requiring them to attend the makeshift “deHomelessing class” he set up in the park. Over 9200 homeless people changed their own direction through this class he and his clients, followers and friends would set up weekly for the next 3 years.

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HEROES, UNITE: Today, after having empowered tens of thousands of homeless, displaced, dependent and unemployable residents to change their own lives, hundreds of organizations and small businesses to break their own barriers and cycles of repeated history, and hundreds of thousands of teenagers in school districts, foster care group homes and myriad agencies to become academically-engaged learners, Hero School Initiatives unified its individual Character Change® models into a collaborate Community Model for igniting and creating systemic change in historically-depressed neighborhoods

With a 92.84% success rate in reversing homelessness with every random group of adults and youth for nearly two decades, more than 40,000 men, women and youth since 1995 have broken free from the homelessness through Hero School. Working together, we can deliver the rest and prevent America’s school children from becoming the next homeless adults.

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EXTRAORDINARY LEADERS: Hero School-certified facilitators hold themselves accountable to a solution-minded ideal. This expectation consistently results in a 93% success rate in engagement, direction-change and self-reliance – after just a single day intervention – with even the most challenging populations.

The Hero School® Model leverages Social Learning, Authentic Experts and Strategic Exercises to re-engage children, teens and adults, all in real-time.

Hero School is a common-sense educational intervention Model based on Human Change Theory (Todd 1995):

  1. Human Change Theory surmises that all human state or character change includes
    1. An Engaged Human Student
    2. An Educational Curriculum and Process
    3. A Master or Expert of the Educational Curriculum and Process
    4. Exercises to be Practiced
    5. Consistent action for an extended period of time to completion

Hero School de-homelessing leverages the power of an Authentic Leader with a unique process that empowers each student to confront and challenge his or her own ineffective tendencies. The class then accelerates non-verbal group learning, engagement, realignment of values with core beliefs, human ignition, desire for change, faith restoration, acceptance of need for Character Change, redefining conflict as catalyst, inspiration, self-actualization, strength discovery, corporate respect, vertical learning, protection strategies, temptation replacement, selves reconciliation, lifelong learning, self-leadership, life management, goal completion and heroic action.

Watch these Homeless Intervention Videos and experience the change and improvement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0uNgJ2wnCw

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