Our Origin Story


Hero School began in the 1990s as a philosophy and movement to help more people be heroic before it became the source of Hollywood movies and the leading Transformational Education Model. Today, each certified leader and provider is guided by the overarching vision of founder Tiger Todd: “To help people be free to live the lives they were meant for.”


Through his philanthropy, Mr. Todd was led to Ethel Pearson Park in his hometown of Las Vegas. On this particular Saturday, 1800 struggling people were lined up to receive a hot meal from the charity he was supporting. Mr. Todd thought, “Was this all that could be done?”

Having recently retired from the electronics company he founded, Mr. Todd applied his penchant for troubleshooting to the challenges faced by those in the park, ultimately making it his life’s mission to find out why so many people were in this condition, what was in common and how could he helped them rewrite their histories.

Through his direct interviews with more than a thousand individuals, Mr. Todd kept hearing the same four things – evoked responses indicating the same four habits. He assumed these were at the root cause of homelessness. Any one of these behaviors would disqualify anyone from running a business or even being employed by one. So the following week, Mr. Todd rented a stage and 300 chairs, collaborated with numerous businesses to build a sound system capable of reaching deep into the neighborhood, and recruited 20 of his friends and clients for the first outreach – what became know as a “Hero School” – on a cold December Day in 1995.

Unlike the previous non-profit outreaches he had sponsored, Mr. Todd told the homeless they’d have to sit through his 90-minute class before they received the food, clothing and goods he provided, whether they liked it or not. A little over three years later, over 9,200 of the 10,000 homeless individuals attending these “Hero Schools” had changed their lives. By 1999, with only 13 homeless people left in that park, and the homeless census indicating the population in Las Vegas had decreased by more that 10,000, Mr. Todd redirected his energy and resources into prevention through public school assemblies.

Today, nearly every school and charity in America has benefited from the birth of the Modern Hero Movement and the real-world results provided by the “action-philanthropy” of these first heroes.

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