BLOG: Gigging It

I Know What You Did Last Summer by Tiger Todd "Don't be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of." ~ Charles Richards Refreshing Jackson Lake - Teton National Park, Wyoming. During my recent road trip to Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, I had a rather enlightening conversation with the night manager at my hotel in Jackson. It was 5 in the morning and as I prepared a green tea from the service cart in the lobby, I asked if the manager wanted me ... Read More

BLOG: Karaoke As Education

Karaoke as Education by Tiger Todd "Did we know what the words meant before they became us?" - Tiger Todd "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer As a native Nevadan, I’m also a product of its public school system. In reality, I’m more a product of Nevada’s public school system and my dad’s entrepreneurism, a six-month stint in a body cast after being run over by a ... Read More

BLOG: Green Lantern

The Green Lantern: Courage and Honest Comic Column: Courage and Honesty by Bryan Stroud “The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” - Sven Goran Eriksson Showcase Comics No. 22, Oct. 1959.  “S.O.S. Green Lantern,” by John Broome, penciled by Gil Kane and inked by Joe Giella. My favorite era in comic books, the fabled Silver Age, began in 1956 when it was decided to resurrect the super hero genre after a forced absence of some years. The creative geniuses at DC ... Read More

How Not To Fall Behind

IS MY GROUP...GANG...PACK...MENTALITY, MAKING ME ............? "If you want to improve, you have to be the one who generates the move. Imagine a group class - you’re the one generating the move only a small percentage of the time.” - Anders Ericsson Isn't it interesting that whether we're in a classroom, sales meeting or church service, if we're sitting with a group of our friends, we are more inclined to respond to and learn from the friends  seated next to us than we are from the ... Read More

What Should You Be Doing to Increase Your Staff’s Emotional Intelligence?

Anger Management seems to be moving beyond the grin and a wink response. You hear the call for anger management classes for all types of individuals. There are the police officers, teachers, actors, parents, children, bullies, husbands, wives, doctors, nurses and the list continues. You read about anger management in the papers or online and hear it on the news. There is another group that must be added to the list. I am talking about employees and supervisors in every office in every ... Read More

3 Simple Steps for Relationship Building at Events

If I learned one thing from Microfinance USA 2011, it’s that overcoming fear is vital to success. It’s an obvious lesson, really. You see it in movies all of the time. People are always challenging themselves and overcoming obstacles that they fear to reach this pinnacle of personal achievement. Especially when it comes to networking. I never knew how scared I was of people until I didn’t want to talk to them, until I was making up excuses to avoid them, and until I was kicking myself later ... Read More

The Democratization of Education

  Startups are a beautiful thing. Not just beautiful. Glorious, in fact. For the entrepreneurial social activist, the thirst for education is never satisfied, and we're always looking for new mediums for learning and growing. Skillshare delivers just that. Not only does it give you access to cheap, niche expert education, but it allows you to teach the community what you know, too. You build culture, connections, and learn all at the same time. Trifecta? When you create a profile, ... Read More

Movie Message: Living By Words Part II

“It is curious - curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare." -Mark Twain (1835-1910) What words do you live by? Switching gears to real-life heroes, let's talk about how Harvard's MBA class of 2009 applied the same principle and, in so doing, changed the world's financial system. Discouraged by the carelessness and lack of respect that many MBA's and financial managers had shown the people of the world, this league of graduate students did what ... Read More

Movie Message: Living By Words

"What if we had a code of conduct, the management equivalent of the Hippocratic oath?  What if we actually lived up to our billing and became leaders who don’t just make a difference in the world, but make a differencefor the world?" - Max Anderson, Cambridge, May 2009 What could a fictional character from a high-energy action movie possibly have in common with Harvard Business School graduate students?   Both have decided to live by words.   In the movie The Transporter (2003), we ... Read More

Don’t Let Summer Pass Us By: Become Productive

“The best way to get the most from our 168-hour week is to do the most important things first." - Tiger Todd Look at this number again: 168. Each week we are blessed with seven unique 24-hour days. That's 168 hours with which to live our current life, clean up the past, and create a legacy for the future. Even after 40 to 60 hours "gigging" to pay for it, we still have 108-128 hours left! It's the new math. So why not do the most important things first? "For we are all connected in the Great ... Read More

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