About Elena Abolentseva

“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however, if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.”

― Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Elena Abolentseva:  Executive Director for Hero School Community Initiatives

Elena Abolentseva directs Hero School for homelessness prevention and reversal initiatives, as well coordinates Character Change® training for non-profit homeless service providers nationwide.

A top graduate of the Hero School Multidimensional Leader Academy, Elena Abolentseva joined the organization after volunteering for her first Hero School in 2013 during the Great Recession. Helping chronically unemployed citizens overcome challenges to preparing and launching into meaningful work remains her top priority.

For Partnerships and Keynotes:

Contact Elena Abolentseva to coordinate partnerships or design trainings for your city, agency, non-profit or business.

Contact her at (702) 795-7000 or via Elena@HeroSchool.us

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