What’s Cacao & How Can It Help Me?

Cacao is magnificent, wonderful, beautiful, and even better…affordable.

People would pay millions of dollars for the benefits that you get from these little seeds.

When it was first used by the Mayans and the Aztecs, the people were so enamored by it that they called it the food of the gods.

Now, with all of the science and research that we have available, we figured out why they were falling over each other to eat the stuff.

I want to highlight TWO main benefits of cacao.

1.) Neurotransmitters

So, besides being just healthy for you, this amazing bean is actually proven to make you smarter.

2) Hormones & Precursors

Need I say more?

At Whole Foods, you can grab a bag of ground cacao powder to mix with sauces, spreads, and smoothies for as cheap at $9.

Really, walking into the world of health doesn’t get much easier than that.


About the author: 

Cher is a director at the nonprofit Hero School. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship. Sometimes, she thinks about saving the world, and other times, she wants to rollerblade.

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