What Should You Be Doing to Increase Your Staff’s Emotional Intelligence?

Anger Management seems to be moving beyond the grin and a wink response.

You hear the call for anger management classes for all types of individuals.

There are the police officers, teachers, actors, parents, children, bullies, husbands, wives, doctors, nurses and the list continues.

You read about anger management in the papers or online and hear it on the news.

There is another group that must be added to the list. I am talking about employees and supervisors in every office in every corner of the building.

Oh, wait. This also includes those who work with others but not in an office setting. Who did I leave out?

Customer service is voiced as an issue across the business world every day.

In response to it many supervisors call upon consultants, many from large firms, to come in and discuss how to give “good customer service”.

The staff listens and takes notes and tries to win the perfectly scheduled raffle or answer the question where the winner gets candy or a gift card. I have attended many of these workshops and enjoy the presentations (and candy). I always learn a lot.

However, the information is quickly forgotten.

All the key points are covered each meeting. Such as: handling inquiries, complaints, answering phones and becoming the DIRECTOR OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS.

Time for a new approach?

Have you considered anger management workshops that not only discuss customer service but attempts to determine where each of your staff are presently regarding customer service issues such as EMPATHY, AGGRESSION, ASSERTIVENESS, STRESS and more.

Your staff is not all the same when it comes to customer service. Some may have a strong understanding of your client while the next has no idea that he is doing a poor job of understanding your customer and how to improve.

Anger Management workshops, which can also be called EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE WORKSHOPS, focus on determining where your staff are regarding their own feelings and opinions and then connects the dots on how to improve customer service at your company by re-educating them on understanding their emotions and controlling their anger.

Emotional Intelligence Workshops will teach your staff to notice signs of anger before it becomes a problem, how to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to recognize and manage emotional intelligence techniques for skill enhancement in emotional intelligence…and much more.

Anger Management/Emotional Intelligence workshops will decrease person-to-person aggression and improve morale. It will improve interpersonal relationships.   These workshops offer your staff more than they expect and provide options for your staff to contact the facilitator by phone or email for 90 days following the workshop with questions.

Please contact Dr. Arlie J. Stops for more information on Anger Management/Emotional Intelligence Workshops. Email: dr.stops@stopsandassociates.com , office: 702-275-3950


About the Author:



With over 30 years of experience in management and leadership, Dr. Stops has not only been an executive in academia, but also an entrepreneur who empowers individuals and groups to overcome the barriers to successful living. His firm, Stops and Associates, helps executives and employees alike chart a course through rough waters by teaching positive response to anger, strategies for resolving conflict and Emotional Intelligence coaching and development. When obstacles arise, he believes in overcoming them and not giving up. “Losing against the challenges of life is not an option.”

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