“This is a time for bold measures. This is the country, and you are the generation.” — Bono

Two Days. Lifetime Advancement.

Life-changing leadership, communication and career strategies for Rebels who like things fast.

And who want a Super Suit.*

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WORKSHOP: Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 ~ 2:30P – 4:30P ~ UNLV Student Union Theater

SUIT -Up EXPERIENCE: Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 ~ 10:00A – 3:00P ~ UNLV Student Union Greenroom

SPRING JOB FAIR: Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 ~ 10:00A – 3:00P ~ UNLV Student Union Ballroom

“Do not think that what is hard for you to master is humanly impossible; and if it is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach.” 

-Marcus Aurelius

The UNLV Suit-Up Workshop, Suit-Up Experience and Spring Job Fair combine tor help UNLV students and alumni quickly overcome fears, obstacles and myths on the way to meaningful and profitable connections and employment.

Each Suit-Up Experience leaves students engaged, empowered and equipped to make the most of the next career-building opportunity. And the first 100 attendees receive a certificate to select a shirt, slacks and tie at the SUIT-Up Experience, FREE!

“Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it.”
– Ella Williams

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Tuesday, March 6th, 2018: 2:30p – 4:30p  Student Union Theater

  • CONNECT with Entrepreneurs, Professionals and  Leaders
  • LEARN the 7 Steps to the Job You Want™
  • GAIN the Competitive Advantage
  • OVERCOME longtime Public Speaking fears
  • RISE above the crowd with Interview Essentials
  • BAM!  You’re Ready to Seize the Day
  • BONUS: Receive FREE Business Clothing*
  • FILL OUT the form below with the Job Question YOU want answered


Using the Hero School® movie model, the SUIT-Up™ Workshop is the fastest and most effective system for helping young job seekers overcome fears and obstacles while equipping the to win the job you want. And you can get free designer business clothes.*

Part strategies from movies, part 7 Master Steps – compiled and synthesized from hundreds of CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Unicorns – and part Question and Answer session with a panel of Business Leaders and UNLV Alumni, this accelerated Hero School® workshop will equip you to earnlead and to succeed. It will also help easily dissolve many of the hidden fears and unseen barriers between you today, and you taking your rightful place in the business world tomorrow.

This event includes the 7 Steps To The Job You Want WORKSHOP, led by author, entrepreneur and action philanthropist, Tiger Todd and a host of UNLV Alumni and Business Leaders.

Past SUIT-Up™ Experts include:

  • Missy Young (Switch) EVP
  • Quinton Singleton, Esq. (NYX Gaming) Strategy, Boyd Law Alum
  • Terri Cooper (Switch/Supernap) VP Sales
  • Jesus Marquez (NV Assembly Candidate) Business Owner
  • Nieve Malandra (Stardust Syles) Entrepreneur, Noted Songstress
  • Mary Alice Rasmuson (T-Bird Lounge & Restaurants) Entrepreneur, Alum
  • Nicole Singleton (Zappos) Human Resources Business Partner
  • Smeet Gandhi (Mint Bistro) IT Designer, Director of Operations, Alum
  • Mark Doubrava, MD (Eye Care For Nevada) University Regent, Alum
  • Ricci Lopez-Hammargren (Stitched Lifestyle) General Mgr., Fashionista
  • Mark Ryan, Esq. (Ryan Patents)
  • Steven De Stefano (Republic Services)
  • Scott Dale (Weichert Real Estate Millennium)

“We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.”
– Sonia Johnson


Attendees will learn secrets to rapid employment and promotion, as well as methods for ensuring you and your superpowers are utilized, appreciated and respected.

You’ll even learn how to overcome decade-long public speaking fears – in minutes – along with strategies for communicating with people of varying personality types, needs and motives. You will even learn strategies for being the one hired even when competing against someone with more credentials and experience.

Walk in a Great One’s Shoes.
*As a Bonus, the first 100 UNLV students who RSVP through the Eventbrite link and attend the SUIT-Up Workshop on March 7th will be able to choose an ensemble from a selection of mens and women’s professional clothing – provided by local leaders and moguls –  at the SUIT-Up Experience, downstairs in the Student Union, on March 7th, from 10am – 3pm.
Offer subject to size/selection/availability.

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Hero School Suit-Up COLLAGE- 2160 x 1080

Hero School is an integrated educational model, engagement curriculum and motivational delivery system that accelerates learning, human achievement and character change. Just like in the movies.

Hero School was so named after founder Tiger Todd successfully reverse-engineered “movie magic” to create an accelerated educational model. In the movie experience, an audience connects with a character on-screen as he or she embarks on a Hero’s Journey – overcoming challenges, undergoing character change, and ultimately, accomplishing the impossible. Hero School workshops simply “flip the script” so the entire audience undergoes the transformation. At the speed of a movie.

Hero School uses movies, math and mastery to help struggling Nevadans become earners, learners and community contributors. Hero School’s daily strategic interventions, employment academies and education initiatives have helped thousands of youth and adults become who they must be to live the lives they were meant for.

Hero School®: Real. Life. Change. At the Speed of Movies.™


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