3 Steps to Going Green

  Three Steps to Becoming Green Here are the steps I had to employ to overcome the afore-mentioned pitfalls to becoming more environmentally-conscious. Read through them carefully but don’t be shy about modifying them to fit your family or lifestyle. Remember: the goal is living in the Circle of Life, not recycling. Step one:Have Faith in the Circle of Life The need for having faith in the “big picture” came to me in a vision over a decade ago while throwing out my once-fresh ... Read More

The Circle of Life in Going Green

Taking sides My dilemma of having to choose between recycling aluminum and conserving water reminded me of a poignant story told by Joseph Campbell about a present-day Buddhist monk who trying to keep a 2000-year-old tradition alive in 20th Century America. Much like going green is considered pious among the “religious” today, it is considered a pious act in the Buddhist tradition to free a condemned animal from being cooked. For this particular monk, finding lambs and goats to set free in the ... Read More

It’s Not That Easy Going Green

  Do you remember the news article that highlighted the uproar by environmental activists when President George W. Bush refused to agree to the terms of the Kyoto Treaty on climate change? I think he also refused to travel to the conference. What was perhaps even more disturbing was his logic, that unless the People’s Republic of China – the world’s number-one consumer of fossil fuel and producer of carbon emissions and pollution – agreed to the same rules, any changes made by the ... Read More

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