Stop Trying and Start Having

“You’re faster than this… Stop ‘trying’ to hit me and HIT me!” – Morpheus, The Matrix (1999)

If you’ve been ‘trying’ to get a job, solve a problem or work on a relationship with little or no success, perhaps consider that the problem is that you are ‘trying’ and not ‘doing.’ Congratulations. You have succeeded in ‘trying.’ You’re a great ‘tryer!’ Now, if you actually WANT to HAVE a job, WANT to SOLVE a problem or WANT to BE part of a great relationship, stop TRYING and start HAVING! Go get what you WANT now!


About the author:

Tiger Todd is the founder and CEO of Hero School and Heroes Inc. He is a motivational speaker, a business consultant, and a powerful changemaker.

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    Stop Trying and Start Having

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