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Hero School deHomelessing Services

We developed an antidote to American Homelessness. At least with 92.84% of every random group of Hero School Human Interventions.

More than 37,000 men, women and youth since 1995 have broken free from the homelessness through Hero School.

Working together, we can deliver the rest and prevent America’s school children from becoming the next homeless adults.

What’s The Trick?

The Hero School® Model leverages Social Learning, Authentic Experts and Strategic Exercises to re-engage children, teens and adults, all in real-time.

 Hero School is a common-sense educational intervention Model based on Human Change Theory (Todd 1995):

  1. Human Change Theory surmises that all human state or character change includes
    1. An Engaged Human Student
    2. An Educational Curriculum and Process
    3. A Master or Expert of the Educational Curriculum and Process
    4. Exercises to be Practiced
    5. Consistent action for an extended period of time to completion

Hero School deHomelessing leverages the power of an Authentic Leader with a unique process that empowers each student to confront and challenge his or her own ineffective tendencies. The class then accelerates non-verbal group learning, engagement, realignment of values with core beliefs, human ignition, desire for change, faith restoration, acceptance of need for Character Chance, redefining conflict as catalyst, inspiration, self-actualization, strength discovery, corporate respect, vertical learning, protection strategies, temptation replacement, selves reconciliation, lifelong learning, self-leadership, life management, goal completion and heroic action.

Watch these Homeless Intervention Videos and experience the change and improvement.

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