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You’re not an amateur anymore. Let’s go

“When we turn pro, we stop running from our fears. We turn around and face them.” – Steven Pressfield

We’re here to help you reach the customers you really want – with the message you really want them to hear.

Heroes Incorporated develops authentic, strategically-delivered and differentiated messaging for advancing your Digital Identity and Digital Brand Presence to the next generation of customers.

You’re a business owner.
You’re the last line of defense.

You’re a hero to your customers, your staff and your family.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or community leader, you’re it.

You’re the One.
You are “You, Inc.”
You can do what others can’t. Or won’t. Or shouldn’t.

You’ve risked so much to get to where you are.
From the moment you began, you had to look like a pro and act like a pro.
And so you must from now on.

Are you ready for some help, on your terms?
We exist to help you look like the pro you are and sound like the pro you are, all day, every day, to your loyal customers and to the legions of fans and customers who don’t know you yet.

We are here for you to help you advance, to be more, while leaving more time for You.
We are Heroes Incorporated.

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What Makes Hero School® for Business Different?

The Hero School® Model uses principles in motion picture, history, mythology, pop culture, and literature that your audience can connect with and will relate to. Staff and customers alike will have a significantly higher probability of “buying in” to the essence of your goals and message due to their connection to the characters from these creative works.

Heroes Incorporated: Advancing Businesses and People

“The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer.” – Fridtjof Nansen, Nobel Peace Prize (1922)

Many Cities, Companies and Communities struggle to create sustainable cultures and with them, advance, because they fail to first create sustainable people. Heroes Incorporated develops, orchestrates and delivers Character Change® initiatives with leading executives, employers and entrepreneurs to advance. Accompanied by strategic products and services, Heroes Inc. ignites sustainable mindsets upstream, exponentially increasing positive learning, self-aligning behavior and sustainable culture for

  • Public Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Start-Ups, Agencies and Small Businesses
  • Financial, Hotel and Healthcare Industries 

Today, the Hero School® team of gifted contributors and experts – including business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, human resource managers, physicians, educators, administrators, writers, sociologists, psychologists, and student leaders – continue to enhance the curriculum, adapting it to every category of business, social group, and civic organization where human change and professional development are paramount. Contact us today and let us know about the obstacles separating you and your organization from the success you deserve.

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