In The Beginning…

Hero School is an integrated educational model, engagement curriculum and motivational delivery system that accelerates learning, human development and character change.

Hero School’s unique “Human First” philosophy and system of live interventions, character curriculum and engagement consulting services that empower business, non-profit and education leaders to produce learners, earners and leaders from the disengaged.

Hero School live interventions consistently motivate attendees to want to listen and want to learn, from bosses, clients and experts instead of from social networks, celebrities and each other.

Hero School was so named after founder Tiger Todd successfully reverse-engineered the “movie magic” experience to create an accelerated educational model. In the movie experience, an audience connects with a character on-screen as he or she embarks on a Hero’s Journey, overcoming challenges, undergoing character change, and ultimately, accomplishing the impossible. Tiger simply “flipped the script,” later developing the mathematical formulas and delivery system so the entire audience undergoes the transformation.

Today, Hero School empowers leaders with the mathematical formulas, strategies and activities for producing Human Ignition, Academic Engagement and Character Change, pioneered by Tiger Todd through decades of social entrepreneurship, real-time research and action philanthropy.

Hero School®: Real. Life. Change. At the Speed of Movies.™

Along with this game-changing model, nearly every idea, method or innovation shown to be effective in social services or youth education had its genesis at Hero School.


Hero School® delivers its rapid dehomelessing interventions, homeless prevention curricula and accelerated educational solutions through three primary paths and on-purpose organizations: Hero School Initiatives*: The non-profit social entrepreneurial organization. Heroes Incorporated: Hero School®-licensed Transformational Consulting Firm. Hero School Inc. is the Research and Development company and Licensing Partner. Hero School® accelerates goals for cities, businesses and schools via three paths: Educational Interventions, Solutions Curricula & Consulting Leadership Development.

The Hero School Mission

Engaging, Motivating, Empowering and Accelerating Human Change Our Philosophy: To empower people to become free to live the lives they were meant for. By generating human awareness, academic engagement, self-education, intrinsic motivation and heroic action toward big picture goals.


Our Mission: To accelerate and amplify positive individual, social and organizational change as the leading innovative collaborative partner to agencies, institutions, businesses and communities.

Our Vision: To equip individuals, agencies, institutions, businesses and communities with our unique insight, strategies and technology for solving societies chronic problems three-at-a-time, ultimately replacing negative stories on the Evening News with stories of success, heroism and fulfilling, productive, contributing lives.

FOR PURPOSE: The Mission of Hero School Initiatives is to orchestrate strengths, expertise and resources of non-profit organizations, schools and businesses and then deliver uniquely effective initiatives and interventions that quickly solve recurring social and education problems for the people, businesses and organizations in our neighborhoods and community.

Hero School Initiatives was established by a collaboration of solution-minded entrepreneur leaders concerned by increases in homelessness, chronic unemployment, academic disengagement and dropout rates in Southern Nevada. Seeing that the hard-earned donations they were making to compassionate non-profit organizations were providing helpful services but no lasting solutions to complex human problems, the founders of LVFC created a transformational leadership and Character Change® model that directly empowered lasting change with even the most challenged and challenging groups, while simultaneously empowering organizations, schools and communities to prevent social problems before they take root in schools, neighborhoods and communities. Hero School-certified facilitators hold themselves accountable to a solution-minded ideal. This expectation consistently results in a 93% success rate in engagement, direction change and self-reliance after a single 1-hour group intervention, and with even the most challenging populations. Showing up on a winter day in 1995 to a “homeless” park in Las Vegas, LVFC co-founder Tiger Todd interrupted the pattern of the homeless lined up for food as well as the pattern of the non-profit organization he was funding. He quickly orchestrated the first Hero School Initiative, empowering “change” among the first 1800 homeless people by requiring them to attend the makeshift “deHomelessing class” he set up in the park. Over 9200 homeless people changed their own direction through this class he and his clients, followers and friends would set up weekly for the next 3 years. Today, after having empowered over 35,000 homeless, displaced, dependent and unemployable residents to change their own lives, as well as over 100 organizations and small businesses to break their own barriers and cycles of repeated history, and another 200,000 teenagers in CCSD, foster care group homes and myriad agencies to become academically-engaged learners, Hero School Initiatives has unified its individual Character Change® models into a collaborate Community Model for igniting and creating systemic change in historically-depressed neighborhoods


Educational Institutions aren’t waiting for Superman, the Man. They’re Waiting for Superman, the Concept. The success component missing in large Public Schools, Government Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations is the Transformational Leader. Truthfully, the TL does’t belong inside them – they tend to increase stress on Organizational Leaders 100-fold. But when combined with each entity’s Organizational Leaders, Transformation Leaders create the magical synergy to solve chronic problems and create sustainable change. *Hero School Initiatives is a DBA of  Las Vegas Faith Center, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable org. Hero School® and Character Change® are Registered Trademarks of Hero School, Inc. ©2000 All Rights Reserved.

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