Introducing the Events Assistant Intern!

Deep in the dry, money-sucking city the world calls “Las Vegas,” there lived, well she is still living, a girl. This dark-haired girl tries to be one of the nicest people, and finds that the greatest beauty of the world is life itself. She enjoys talking in third-person because story telling is one of the best ways to climb aboard Aladdin’s flying carpet to another almost-perfect, universe where the friendly citizens don’t have to worry about their calorie intake or how people will perceive them.

With dedication and passion, she is determined to change the world. Ever since her grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer, she fell head over heels with the idea of becoming a doctor. Constantly translating and interacting with various doctors, Leslie’s passion for the medical field burgeoned. When her half brother, Kevin Mercado, was born, Leslie’s goals became transparent; she wanted to become a pediatrician.

In 2010, Leslie was accepted to College of Southern Nevada High School where she would take college courses while going to high school. By June 2012, Leslie will be graduating with an Advanced Honors Diploma and 41 college credits. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Leslie plans to go back west for her residency after graduating from medical school at UNR. Besides being a dedicated and passionate about her education, Leslie is quite an interesting character. In her free time, she likes to attend social gatherings; whether it’s with her friends, her church group, or the various organizations that she is currently involved in.

Volunteering and being “part of something” has become her ultimate priority now that she’s a senior in high school and can legally drive. Working harder than any other year, she currently volunteers at Spring Valley Hospital in the ICU unit and is an active member in: Yearbook, Phi Theta Kappa, Chemistry Club, Students Making a Difference, Circle K International, and National Honor Society. She constantly surrounds herself with wonderful friends who each have different goals and unique ethnicities, which has ultimately shaped her into who she is today: understanding and grateful.

Because her parents are divorced and her father lives in Hawaii, she has grown patient because seeing her father every other year has trained her keep a long distance relationship. Leslie is infatuated with music, photography, fashion, and dance. Although she has matured faster than most teenagers academically speaking, she tries to keep herself grounded by getting creative through different means; Ursula K. LeGuin once uttered, “The creative adult is the child who survived.” Her good friend, Cher Hale, introduced Hero School to Leslie. Cher’s dedication to the company and her understanding that people can change inspired Leslie to believe in people and make a difference.

Hero school’s mission is “to accelerate and amplify positive individual, social and organizational change as the leading innovative collaborative partner to agencies, institutions, businesses and communities.” All it took was one glance at the statement for Leslie to know that, indeed, Hero School is where she wanted to be.

Similar to Hero School’s slogan, Leslie wants to inspire people to make a difference and bring our community closer together. She is absolutely thrilled that she was fortunate enough to have received her first internship for Hero School.

This empowering name reminds her of what Uncle Ben uttered to Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Nevertheless, I, Leslie Diep, promise to work to bring the best of myself and everyone else that I come across in my life.

About the author:

Leslie Diep is the new events assistant intern and is currently attending the College of Southern Nevada High School.





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    Leslie Diep

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