Hero in You

Introducing the new social media intern, Stephanie Santana–

I never really thought about who my favorite super hero is. I have a lot in mind, but not really a specific one. I mean, all of them are just great with their own special power. That’s how I see the world and its people. Everyone’s a hero in their own way. Their super powers can change the world big time.

Almost 2 years ago my family and I went here to the states. For the past 17 years of my life, I spent it in the Philippines. So when I arrived in a new environment, a lot of getting used to was supposed to happen. For about almost a year since we arrived, I and my sister just stayed home with nothing to do. It was not until the fall of that year we started to go to school. I’m currently studying at College of Southern Nevada taking up an associate of arts major in convergent journalism. I can’t see myself being in any other major than this one. 3 years more until I taste my graduation.

The gown and cap and the music of people cheering for batch 2014. My goal for the future makes me persevere and work harder today. I always wanted to wake up every morning and go to work for the top broadcasting company. After a hard day at work, I’d go home and write my book that would soon be published all over the world. Before I turn 25, I’d be one of the successful women all over the world.

For the longest time I spent at home, I started to write. I wrote about whatever that comes into my mind, but most of it were about love and emotion. I would listen to soft music then my hand would start to write its art. Music always soothes my busy or bored mind. It helped me write a piece with a lot of emotion. I wrote and wrote until I feel that there was nothing to write anymore. I wrote about love stories but I also wrote some essays that show my opinion about community issues that surround me.

I remember I wrote an article about the hostage incident that happened back home and about the elections and where I stood on that issue. At first I thought I was only capable of writing about “cheesy” stuff, but after those articles, I know I could do better. Besides my writing, I also loved singing. It was my passion. It’s something that I know I would always love to do for the rest of my life.  Singing makes me say words that I didn’t even think I would say. Singing always made me feel good about myself. I know that when I sing, I can just reach the top of the world. Every word in every song, speaks what I feel. If I’m in love, angry, sad or just plain happy, songs just speak what I feel.

Combining writing and music opens a whole new world for me. Someday, I hope I would make the perfect book that everyone would be willing to read, sing the perfect song that everyone would sing with, or maybe write the perfect song that everyone would know.

Everyone has their own super powers. These powers make an ordinary person a super hero in their own way. I have a power of my own: writing and singing. These will be my super powers that will help me change the world even in my littlest way. I believe that an ocean is made of a gazillion droplets of water. Every drop makes this ocean an ocean. Just like the droplet, the smallest change completes the big change to the world.

Everyone has their own super power. How they use them is always the question. That’s what attracted me to Hero school. Their goal is to pull out the super hero in you. It’s just amazing how they do it and I want to be a part of it. I want to be a part of a family that aims to make you the best you. Even as an intern, I want to be a part of making a super hero. Hopefully, as this cause continues to grow, I grow with it too.  I expect for the unexpected.

As always, I leave you one of the greatest words in time. Every super hero should know this by heart and mind: “Great power comes with great responsibilities.”


About the author:

Stephanie Santana is the new social media intern at Hero School and is studying journalism at the College of Southern Nevada.


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