Don’t Let Summer Pass Us By: Become Productive

“The best way to get the most from our 168-hour week is to do the most important things first.” – Tiger Todd

Look at this number again: 168. Each week we are blessed with seven unique 24-hour days. That’s 168 hours with which to live our current life, clean up the past, and create a legacy for the future. Even after 40 to 60 hours “gigging” to pay for it, we still have 108-128 hours left! It’s the new math. So why not do the most important things first?

“For we are all connected in the Great Circle of Life.”
– King Mufasa, from Disney’s Lion King

Whether everything is operating on all cylinders, or you have decided to turn pro at Giganomics, the fact of the matter is that now more than ever, we need one another. We need best practices from one another and moral support from one another. We need to network (the verb) with one another and we need to do business (the action verb) with one another. And we need to befriend one another while we work to transform our community into one that has a place for us, our families, and the families of our friends, our clients, and our supporters.


About the author:

Tiger Todd is the founder and CEO of Hero School and Heroes Inc. He is a motivational speaker, a business consultant, and a powerful changemaker. For the past 10+ years, he has been devoted to solving the issue of homelessness.

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