Lessons from Spiderman and Frankl “The struggle for existence is a struggle for something; it is purposeful and only in so being is it meaningful and able to bring meaning into life.” - Viktor Frankl Nothing says “good morning” quite like discovering that the steering wheel, headrests and even the contents of my truck’s cab were covered and connected by hundreds of crisscrossed spiderwebs, glistening in the sunlight like a time-lapse aerial shot of flight traffic over a major ... Read More

Movie Message: Disney’s Up

Up is the poignant story of retired balloon salesman and widower, Carl Fredrickson, who finally embarks on his childhood adventure - at 78-years-old - by tying thousands of helium balloons to his house and floating "up" and toward the legendary Paradise Falls somewhere in South America. The plot thickens when a chubby 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer named Russell happens upon Carl's porch just as his house takes flight. The redy-for-anything Russell seems immune to both rejection and bitterness, ... Read More

Is Your Past Keeping You From Your Future? (&How Can You Overcome It?)

Movie Message: Disney's Up Part 2 It was no accident that Carl and Russell were tethered to a house loaded down with nostalgic and metaphorical weight. Using the balloons and helium from his career helped Carl's dream get off the ground and take flight, but when the house ceased being a vehicle for the future, it became a burden everywhere Carl went. Further still, children like Russell could end up tied down to past of their families until their own dreams are extinguished by sorrow, ... Read More

Movie Message: Living By Words Part II

“It is curious - curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare." -Mark Twain (1835-1910) What words do you live by? Switching gears to real-life heroes, let's talk about how Harvard's MBA class of 2009 applied the same principle and, in so doing, changed the world's financial system. Discouraged by the carelessness and lack of respect that many MBA's and financial managers had shown the people of the world, this league of graduate students did what ... Read More

Movie Message: Living By Words

"What if we had a code of conduct, the management equivalent of the Hippocratic oath?  What if we actually lived up to our billing and became leaders who don’t just make a difference in the world, but make a differencefor the world?" - Max Anderson, Cambridge, May 2009 What could a fictional character from a high-energy action movie possibly have in common with Harvard Business School graduate students?   Both have decided to live by words.   In the movie The Transporter (2003), we ... Read More

Can You Be a Micro-Activist?

Being a micro-activist is about being kind. You don't have to lobby your legislators incessantly or lay down in front of a bulldozer with a yoga mat beneath you. But, you can smile at the person next to you on the bus and say hello. Or, open a door for a complete stranger and wish them a good day. Buy coffee for the person in line behind you at Starbucks. Give directions to a passerby when they look lost. Tell your co-worker that they look radiant today. To be a micro-activist is to ... Read More

3 Steps to Getting Power From Quotes

"Man lives not by bread only, but by words." - Tiger Todd Quotes are everywhere. They can console us. They can inspire us. And they can even motivate us. But most of the time they just sit there and do nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Just more advice from old people or dead people. Super. So what's the point? I want more. In fact, I expect more. I don't need some stinkin' quote that was spoken or written by someone who has been dead for a century-or-more to just sit there and do nothing! If ... Read More

3 Steps to Going Green

  Three Steps to Becoming Green Here are the steps I had to employ to overcome the afore-mentioned pitfalls to becoming more environmentally-conscious. Read through them carefully but don’t be shy about modifying them to fit your family or lifestyle. Remember: the goal is living in the Circle of Life, not recycling. Step one:Have Faith in the Circle of Life The need for having faith in the “big picture” came to me in a vision over a decade ago while throwing out my once-fresh ... Read More

The Circle of Life in Going Green

Taking sides My dilemma of having to choose between recycling aluminum and conserving water reminded me of a poignant story told by Joseph Campbell about a present-day Buddhist monk who trying to keep a 2000-year-old tradition alive in 20th Century America. Much like going green is considered pious among the “religious” today, it is considered a pious act in the Buddhist tradition to free a condemned animal from being cooked. For this particular monk, finding lambs and goats to set free in the ... Read More

It’s Not That Easy Going Green

  Do you remember the news article that highlighted the uproar by environmental activists when President George W. Bush refused to agree to the terms of the Kyoto Treaty on climate change? I think he also refused to travel to the conference. What was perhaps even more disturbing was his logic, that unless the People’s Republic of China – the world’s number-one consumer of fossil fuel and producer of carbon emissions and pollution – agreed to the same rules, any changes made by the ... Read More

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