• Many Cities, Companies and Communities struggle to create sustainable cultures because they fail to first create sustainable people. Heroes Inc. develops, orchestrates and delivers sustainable Character Change® Initiatives with leaders, employees and students, first, since producing sustainable people is a prerequisite for sustainable Cities, Companies and Communities.
  • The shortest distance between disengaged students and ignited learners and achieving graduates isn't a distance, but an Academic Engagement™ Intervention. Once students want to learn from adults instead of each other, the Education Equation is more than half-solved.  
  • Engagement. Ignition. Transformation. Ignite your department, team or community with a transformational keynote or workshop by the pioneer of the Modern Hero Movement, Tiger Todd.
  • Discovering the 4 Habits of Homelessness in 1995 was just the beginning. Today, Hero School delivers engineered solutions through real-time consulting and strategic initiatives that reverse and prevent homelessness, dependency and behavioral problems upstream so the people we help today become the heroes helping their own communities tomorrow.
  • Entrepreneur. Founder. Scientist. Philanthropist. Transformational Leader. Singer. Comedian. Educator. Action Hero. All by accident. Select the character that best serves your event or strategic purpose and you'll get the rest at no additional charge.

The Heart and Science of Character Change®

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