• Many Cities, Companies and Communities struggle to create sustainable cultures because they fail to first create sustainable people. Heroes Inc. develops, orchestrates and delivers sustainable Character Change® Initiatives with leaders, employees and students, first, since producing sustainable people is a prerequisite for sustainable Cities, Companies and Communities.
  • The shortest distance between disengaged students and ignited learners and achieving graduates isn't a distance, but an Academic Engagement™ Intervention. Once students want to learn from adults instead of each other, the Education Equation is more than half-solved.  
  • Engagement. Ignition. Transformation. Ignite your department, team or community with a transformational keynote or workshop by the pioneer of the Modern Hero Movement, Tiger Todd.
  • Discovering the 4 Habits of Homelessness in 1995 was just the beginning. Today, Hero School® Interventions, Innovations, Curricula and Consulting packages ignite change upstream so you can produce rapid and lasting results for your communities, cities and citizens.


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  • You want to.
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  • It's heroic.

And so are you.