• The shortest path from disengaged students to ignited learners isn't a multi-year plan, but an Academic Engagement™ Intervention. Once students want to learn from adults instead of each other, the Education Equation is more than half-solved.  
  • Engagement. Ignition. Transformation. Ignite your department, team or community with a transformational keynote or workshop by the pioneer of the Modern Hero Movement, Tiger Todd.
  • Discovering the 4 Habits of Homelessness in 1995 was just the beginning. Today, Hero School delivers engineered solutions through real-time consulting and strategic initiatives that reverse and prevent homelessness, dependency and behavioral problems upstream so the people we help today become the heroes helping their own communities tomorrow.
  • You deserve them. Whether your leaders, staff, team or students need a booster shot, or your business, agency, school or district need a lasting breakthrough, our heroes are ready to assemble for you.
  • March 4, 2017. Revere Golf Club ~ Henderson ~ Las Vegas

Character Change®

Hero School’s unique “Human First” philosophy and system of live interventions, character-based educational curriculum and engagement consulting packages empower leaders in business, schools and agencies to produce fast and significant increases in motivation, engagement, retention and results.

Hero School partners and clients experience real, live, lasting changing – at the Speed of Movies.

Hero School. Pioneering Modern Heroism and Character Change®. Since 1995

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